V-Híd and MERMEC agreement means qualitative change possible in the management of the Hungarian railway network - datacenter to be built in Hungary with Italian know-how

On 20th September, at the Innotrans conference in Berlin, a cooperation agreement was signed between V-Híd Zrt., the leading Hungarian group in railway construction, maintenance and reconstruction, and the Italian MERMEC Group, a worldwide leader Western European company in the field of modern railway diagnostics.

V-Híd Zrt. and MERMEC Group are planning to jointly create a data centre in Hungary, where railroad network measurements can be evaluated according to Hungarian requirements. A key element of the planned cooperation is the creation of a data processing centre in Hungary, in which, once completed, V-Híd Zrt. will be able to use MERMEC's know-how to create a database adapted to the Hungarian regulatory and technical environment.


Source: magyarepitok.hu